Roofing Insurance Claims in Georgia

We Work With All Insurance Companies


If you’ve had your roof inspected and it’s been determined that you have roof damage, the good news is the damage may be insurable. This is the beginning of what can be a complicated insurance claims process, but trust in the fact that the professionals at Sunrise Roofing have helped hundreds of homeowners navigate the many facets of the insurance process. We represent your needs and make sure you get a fair deal from the insurance companies.

Did you know that certain weather events, called “Acts of Nature,” are considered natural events and offer you protection against any potential penalties that you may suffer? If your roof has been damaged from storms, wind, or hail, call the pros at Sunrise Roofing, your reputable Raleigh and Atlanta-area roofing contractor. As professionals, we’ll take the lead to help guide you through the entire process, including updating your roof to meet the most current codes and other building requirements. Call us today to get started on your insurance claim in Georgia.

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