Standing Seam Metal Roofs


Standing Seam Metal Roofs are one of the most aesthetically appealing and one of the most durable roofing systems on the market. This style roof rarely, if ever has problems once it is installed.


  • low-maintenance
  • energy efficiency
  • endless color options
  • years of protection

roofing company near me, roofing company Chapel Hill, Roofers DurhamOur Roofing Contractors use the best roofing materials in the country on all of our installations. We have certified insurance claims representatives and are a family owned business.  as well as manufacture warranties on the panels and paint ranging from 20 years to life.

When looking to replace your roof, standing seam is becoming a popular choice among homeowners. This is a roof that very rarely, if at all, will ever bring problems once installed.the standing seam roof will ultimately pay for itself and help to increase your property value. There are plenty of  benefits from installing a standing seem metal roof including eligible insurance discounts, energy savings. For more than a decade, we've specialized in roof installation. We start off with a roof inspection and consult with homeowners to identify a plan for choosing the right roof for your house.


  • field-locked standing seam
  • snap-lock standing seam
  • standing seam shingle-based panels

There are a few different types of standing seam metal roofing systems. The most common is the field-locked standing seam that uses a special locking tool to adjoin the panels in the field. Another type is a snap-lock standing seam that locks the panels together when one side is adjoined with the one next to it. Lastly, there are standing seam shingle-based panels, which have the look of standing seam but, in reality, are vertical-shingle panels. Standing seam can be rolled out in the field, or it can be prefabricated and shipped to the plant. Standing seam also can be custom bent at a sheet metal fabrication site.

Contact Us Today if you feel like Standing Seam Metal Roofs might be the right choice for your home. One of our Roofing Contractors will meet with you to discuss your options and help you determine if this system will be cost effective for you.