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We install and repair the following Types Of Commercial Roofs

We have many different types of commercial roofing to choose from. All of our materials are top quality, and we only install them using the most experienced roofing contractors we can find. Here are some of our most conventional roofs.


The most common steep slope roofing system you will on commercial buildings are asphalt shingles. This is because asphalt shingles are most often the most cost-effective roofing system for your commercial building, they can be warranted for upwards of 50 years and they come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and colors. Be sure to ask your Sunrise Roofing Representative about the different brands of a shingle and options we have to offer!

Though asphalt shingles are a great choice for many commercial buildings, they are not the right choice for a commercial building with a low slope roof system. Shingle manufacturers ask that at least one extra layer of roofing felt be laid down on any roof with a slope of 4/12 (4 inches of a rise for every 12 inches of run) to 1/12 to uphold the warranty. Any roof with a slope lesser than the minimum of 1/12 cannot be shingled over, it will require a continuous membrane to shed water. Our team of representatives will help to inform you of any such instances and will guide you through your possible options. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.


“Single-Ply” roofing is a commercial roofing membrane that is known for its strength, flexible sheets, and its long lasting durability. Single ply roofing materials are made of compounded synthetic materials that are manufactured in factories with strict quality control requirements.

There are three major categories of single-ply membranes: modified bitumen, thermosets, and thermoplastics.

  • Modified Bitumen – These membranes are factory-fabricated layers of asphalt, they reinforced for added strength and stability and they are combined with a rubber or plastic for increased flexibility
  • Thermosets – These are commonly referred to as “EPDM” roofing systems or “Rubber Roofing” systems. Thermosets are a preferred low-slope roofing membrane, by many contractors, because they have been proven to withstand the damaging effects of sunlight and chemicals that are generally found on roofs.
  • Thermoplastic – Thermoplastic membranes are most easily identified by the seams in them that are formed through chemical welding or heat. These membranes are based on plastic polymers and have many different formulations, of which “PVC” is the most common.

Contact us today to let one of our trained professionals’ help you determine if a single-ply membrane is a choice for your commercial application.


Modified Bitumen Roof systems are made for low-sloped or flat roofs and typically consist of one, two or three ply systems. This is an asphalt based product that incorporates other materials, such as layers of fiberglass or polyester that are added to the asphalt to give more strength to the roof. This product has many different exposed surfaces to choose from: There are smooth surfaces, granulated surfaces, aluminum, copper, and gravel coatings.

There are many methods available for installing modified bitumen roofing; these range from using a sealant backed peel and stick roll to using a hot torch to seal down the product. The newest product in modified bitumen roofing is the self-adhering sheet. This product eliminates the Volatile Organic Chemicals that are associated with the fumes produced during the torch down method of installation.

The substrate that underlies the existing roof is a major factor in determining if Modified Bitumen is the right product for your roofing needs. Contact Sunrise Roofing today to let one of our experienced professionals help you choose the right system for your needs.


Built-up roofing (BUR), AKA “Tar and Gravel”, is one of the most popular systems used in low-slope roofing. Built-up roofing consists of several layers, including; Bitumen, Asphalt, Cold-Applied Adhesives, Coal Tar, and Reinforcing Fabrics.

This roofing system has been around for well over 100 years! Built-up roofing has stood the test of time because it is damage resistant (hail), a great insulator (which reduces energy cost), it’s easy to repair and coatings are available to make it UV Resistant.

Please CALL US TODAY to get a quote for repairs on your “Tar and Gravel” roof, an assessment of its’ current condition or to determine if a built-up roof is the best system for your project.


Metal roofing can be a great choice for both commercial and residential applications, and for low or steep pitch roofs. Metal roofs are very beautiful systems that offer low-maintenance, high resistance to harsh weather conditions and a variety of colors that will satisfy the consumers want and needs.

Call Sunrise Roofing today to get an estimate for your beautiful new metal roofing system.


Reflective coatings are the most economical and the most environmentally friendly way to repair your existing roof system. There’s no need to tear-off and replace your leaking roof. By allowing Sunrise Roofing to recover your roof system, you will save on labor expense, material costs, and landfill/dump expenses. Recovering your roof will give you a much greater warranty than any other replacement roof system can offer. This system will save you a great deal of money on your current power bill, due to its reflectivity, year in and year out.

By using Sunrise Roofing to recover your roof with a reflective roof coating, you’ll never need to replace the roof again! We use a silicone based product that is UV-Ray resistant, provides a seamless seal (monolithic system), is highly resistant to severe weather/large hail and is the ONLY product on the market that withstands permanent ponding water. We will provide you with a guarantee/warranty that is unmatched by any other roofing product on the market!  This monolithic roofing system is in a class all its own.


By allowing Sunrise Roofing to recover your roof with a reflective roof coating, you will be helping to save Mother Earth! Recovering your roof means that you will avoid costly/wasteful tear-offs, this will avoid putting tons of unnecessary materials in a landfill. Also, the glossy finish of the product used will reflect sunlight and greatly reduce your energy needs. If glossy white is the color chosen you will get an 88% reflectivity from the roof! This high reflectivity will get you 7 LEED points and rebates back from the government for using an energy efficient product. We can take this one step further by installing foam insulation before coating the roof, which will give your structure an even greater “R-Value” and even more rebates and energy savings.

Sunrise Roofing recommends the recovering method in almost all commercial re-roof situations. We will guarantee you great workmanship, certified installers and supervisors on the project at all times, the only warranty/guarantee against permanent ponding water, plus the longest and most robust warranty in the business!

Call Sunrise Roofing today to see if re-coating is the right choice for your project!

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