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On this project, we have to repair the trim on a beautiful bay window, the drywall in the ceiling above and to paint all of the afflicted areas.

To begin, this window trim/drywall repair was caused by a leaking roof, the chalet shingle, and inadequate flashing/valley protection/felt. The leaking area of this roof contained many areas that have a high potential for leaks (valleys, hips, and step-flashing) and should have been double-coated with felt and ice/water shield by the builder. Also, the tarps you see in the following pictures were only temporary roof repairs that were installed to prevent further leaks until we replaced the shingles in this area.

Roof Leak Repair Leak Repair

To repair the source of the leak, we replaced all of the shingles in the visible areas; adding 2 layers of felt, ice/water shield, silicone and new shingles.

As a result of the leak, we were forced to repair the window trim and the drywall that are directly underneath the affected area. The window trim was made of "MDF" wood (which is known to deteriorate in the presence of water) and standard pine trim. The drywall in need of repair was a standard 1/2" thick 4x12 wallboard, finished with a water-soluble mud in the corners and joints.

Water Damage Roof Leak Damage

Interior Trim Repair Near Me

To repair a piece of water damaged trim, the first step we took was to take a razor knife and cut all of the caulk seams away from the pieces of trim that need to be removed. In this case, the entire column needed to be removed; this means that all corners of the trim caulk needed to be cut (cutting the caulk away from the trim is important to salvaging and reusing the trim).

Once all of the seams were cut, we took a 5-in-1 painters tool to gently remove the layers of trim.  Using a 5-in-1 tool allows us to be gentle with the wood and re-use as much product as possible. Once the trim was removed from its original position, the damaged piece of trim was traced out and cut to fit the exact same profile that it had prior to the roof leak damage. During this time we started the work on the damaged corner-bead of drywall.

Interior Trim Repair Trim Repair

After the damaged trim was removed and the new trim was set in place, the column was put back together and set back into its' original position. Using a nail gun, the window trim was nailed back into place, ready for paint.

Drywall Repair Atlanta Georgia 

The drywall in this project was also damaged as a result of the roof leak. The "drywall mud" that is used to cover up the corners and seams (which is water-soluble) was damaged by the leak.

drywall repair

To fix this damage, we removed the old drywall mud and corner bead. After installation of the new corner bead, we put down the bed and skim layers of drywall mud on the ceiling and let this sit overnight to dry. It is important to give drywall mud sufficient time to dry before sanding and painting to avoid cracking of the repaired area.

Leak repair buford, ga

This image is before we sanded it for painting

To begin the next morning, we gave the drywall mud a finished sanding, installed the window trim to its original place, caulked all repaired areas of the trim, filled in the nail-holes and then used matching paint to tie the job together.

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