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Having a beautiful gutter system installed on your home is a beautiful finishing touch after Sunrise Roofing has installed your new roofing system. We use all seamless gutters with a 6-inch profile to guarantee maximum protection against water spillover. We also use a gutter hanger system (instead of the inefficient nailing system) to give the new gutters more structural support and a more aesthetic appeal.

Having a properly installed gutter system is imperative to avoid costly water damage to your fascia boards and soffit of the home. Most builders install a 5-inch gutter on their homes to reduce the cost during the building process. A 5-inch gutter works well for homes with a low-slope home that has short rafter lengths; unfortunately, the low-slope roof style is out of favor with today’s market.  Most homes built after the 1990’s have a steeper pitch and longer rafter tails (in line with the craftsman style of home) but, the problem is, builders are still using the inadequate 5-inch gutter on these homes. A 6-inch gutter will guarantee you more holding capacity and will reduce the risk of water spill-over and potential water damage.

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Looking to make your home stand out from the rest with new vinyl or fiber-cement siding? Do you need a few boards replaced on your home? With over 10 years in the business, Sunrise Roofing offers great pricing, extended warranties, the highest quality products and installation in the industry!

We carry a variety of names (James Hardie, Nichiha and Allura to name a few) and plenty of color options; we have just the product you are looking for to make your home beautiful!

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Looking to save up to 20% on your heating and cooling energy costs? We have the solution you’ve been looking for with our expanding blown-in attic insulation service!

Energy costs are continually on the rise and your attic space could be the most costly area of your home, leaking energy out every moment of the day! The average home loses 40% of its energy through the attic! 40%!

If your home is more than 10 years old it likely doesn’t meet the “Department of Energy” recommended R-30 value for attic insulation (this is the minimum recommended). Even in homes that have recently been built, the standard is to outfit a home with the code minimum of R-19 attic insulation. This is far below what is known to be “efficient”.

For a minimal investment we can stop this waste of energy and money today, saving you up to 20% on your energy bill each and every month!

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A freshly painted home is a beautiful sight to see! Painting your home is also an investment into the structural integrity of your home. Over time paint and caulk can fade and crack, leaving your wood trim exposed to water penetration, damage and potentially rot.

Here at Sunrise Roofing, we give the home owner high quality Sherwin Williams products that are guaranteed to last. We also hand paint all trim and areas that are the most subject to water penetration and damage. Hand painting ensures a thicker and even coat for added protection.

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