Modified Bitumen


Modified Bitumen Roof systems are made for low-sloped or flat roofs and typically consist of one, two or three ply systems. This is an asphalt based product that incorporates other materials, such as layers of fiberglass or polyester that are added to the asphalt to give more strength to the roof. This product has many different exposed surfaces to choose from: There are smooth surfaces, granulated surfaces, aluminum, copper and gravel coatings.


There are many methods available for installing modified bitumen roofing; these range from using a sealant backed peel and stick roll to using a hot torch to seal down the product. The newest product in modified bitumen roofing is the self-adhering sheet. This product eliminates the Volatile Organic Chemicals that are associated with the fumes produced during the torch down method of installation.

The substrate that underlies the existing roof is a major factor in determining if Modified Bitumen is the right product for your roofing needs. Contact Sunrise Roofing today to let one of our experienced professionals help you choose the right system for your needs.